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T700 Turboshaft

The T700 turboshaft engine has been developed by the American company General Electric for the 2-engine UH-60 Black Hawk for the United States Army. Since the introduction in 1971 the T700 was chosen as the propulsion system for more than 21 helicopters. Some of these are the UH-60L Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache, AH-1 Cobra, SH-60 Sea Hawk, UH-1Y Huey, EH-101 Merlin, the new NATO NH90 helicopter and the new US Navy MH-60R/S helicopter.
AH-64 Apache
The 2-engine Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter can be equipped with the General Electric T700-GE-70I, or the General Electric T700-GE-70IC engine. At least the Dutch and American AH-64D Apaches use the General Electric T700-GE-70IC version.
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