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MH-53E Sea Dragon

The large MH-53E Sea Dragon is a version of the H-53E/S80 family and has been developed by the American company Sikorsky. It's one of the largest Western transport helicopters.
The Sea Dragon is in service with the US Navy and Japan. The Japanese helicopters are a little bit different.

United States Navy
The MH-53E Sea Dragon is in service with the United States Navy since June 1986 when the Navy bought 40 helicopters. The MH-53E is a derived version of the CH-53E Super Stallion, is larger and has a larger fuel capacity.
The primary task is Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) which shows the E in the name. The secondary tasks can be vertical shipboard delivery and attack transports. The MH-53E is also useful for air-refueling, SAR missions, extern cargo transport and is able to operate in land and sea environment. From sea the heli is operational from aircraft carriers and other warships. The MH-53E can carry 55 troops (or 16 tons cargo) over a distance of 50 nautical miles.

The MH-63E can be equipped with various mine countermeasures systems like the Mk 105 magnetic minesweeper sled, the AQS-14A side-scan sonar and the Mk 103 mechanic minesweeper system. For transporting troops the helicopter is equipped with the GAU-21 .50-cal. machine gun and a fuselage weapon system.

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Last updated: August 14, 2010