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The Cheetah is a multi-functional, simple, light-weight helicopters which has specially been designed for operations over long distances. With 5 sitplaces the Cheetah can be used for observation, surveillance, logistic support, earth research and rescue operations The Cheetah has been manufactured by the Indian company
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for military and civil purposes.
The Cheetah is a HAL version of the SA 315 Lama under license of Turbomeca in France.

The cheetah has a Artouste-IIIB engine - which can provide 550 shp by 33.500 rpm - and is also manufactured under license of Turbomeca by HAL. The cheetah can carry cargo with a maximum of 1000kg.

The cheetah has the ability over the latest technologies like a hydraulic servo control, ultra sensitive constant speed indicator and a automatic start system so that the heli can be started in 1 minute.

For civil purposes the cheetah can be converted with only a few configurations to a sprayer.

Cheetah helicopter of the Indian Air Force
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Last updated: August 14, 2010